Examples of Notebooks and Low Content Books That Sell On Amazon

This is a free sample video from my premium Selling Notebooks & Low Content Paperback Books On Amazon course.

In this video I show two examples of notebooks that I sell on Amazon. And, yes, they sell on Amazon through kdp.amazon.com, even to this day!

And you can check out the books in the above video on Amazon in the US.

View on Amazon: THE LITTLE NOTEBOOK OF BIG IDEAS this is the smaller one in the video (6x9 inches)

View on Amazon: THE BIG NOTEBOOK OF GREAT IDEAS this is the bigger one (8.5x11 inches)

It's better to create notebooks with special features – not just blank lined pages.

For example, these notebooks have an inspirational quote to motivate and encourage you on every page. There is also addition space in the notebook to write down answers to the following questions: What is your WHY? What are your daily affirmations? What are you grateful for? What are the loves of your life?

I put these notebooks together to inspire people to plan, motivate, and take action. Maybe they will, or maybe they’ll just use it as a notebook. We don’t know. But the point is this business isn't only about making money. You can also do things you really love and help people. (You can certainly make money as well!)

If you would like to know more about selling lined notebooks and low content books on Amazon please read my article which includes more info about these two books Notebooks And Low Content Books To Sell On Amazon KDP. This article also talks about Amazon SEO and how to do keyword research on Amazon which is really important.

All you have to do is upload a PDF of a cover and a PDF for the interior of the book. You can use the same lined interiors again and again. I give away a couple of lined interiors with the course.

You also need to add keywords and other meta information: title, subtitle, author name, description, categories, keywords, etc., when you upload at Amazon KDP. You also need to choose a price for the book (usually $6.99; you get about $2 royalty for each sale).

And that's it! Less than 24 hours after having done this, your new book will be on sale on Amazon in the US, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, India (and various other countries where Amazon has a presence).

And it doesn't cost you a penny!

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